Patient enrolment

A very important part of Clinical Accelerator’s operations is our patient enrolment support department staffed with dedicated personnel, patient recruitment managers, who work as a seamlessly integrated team with our clinical operations department. These specialists carefully select sites most suitable for efficient implementation of our clinical trials, thoroughly evaluate and establish their realistic potential for patient enrolment, and then develop and implement together with our investigators a wide range of regionally adapted patient enrolment strategies.

Our strategies range from maintaining each site’s focus and motivation to building large patient referral networks around our active sites, and from reaching out directly to patients and to their family physicians to engaging patient organizations and using social media. The strategies are numerous but the result is always the same – we always recruit patients!

We have so much confidence in our ability to recruit patients that we often make a firm commitment to meet patient enrolment targets in our projects. Because of our ability to recruit patients into the most challenging protocols, we frequently undertake “rescue missions”. Clinical Accelerator rescues studies in which patient enrolment is failing for all kinds of reasons and in various regions of the world. We find patients with rare diseases and recruit special patient subpopulations. We like difficult studies and find ways to enrol patients into the most difficult and restrictive protocols.