The choice of sites and investigators is extremely important for achieving our patient enrolment targets. We perform most of our studies in Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Russia, Ukraine and CIS. Our staff are based in Kharkov, Warsaw, Budapest, Kazan, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kaunas, Riga, Tallinn, Bucharest, Chisinau, Minsk, Belgrade and Tbilisi, from where we cover a large territory spreading from the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east with the total population close to 300 million inhabitants.

Centralized systems of healthcare with large hospitals and effective patient referral pathways; motivated investigators with considerable experience of conducting clinical trials; patients usually enthusiastic about clinical trials and available in large numbers – all these factors form a good basis for effective patient enrolment. When all these advantages are linked with our dedicated system of patient enrolment support, which uses a range of proven strategies, we achieve excellent results.

We always recruit patients!

We are able to accelerate implementation of clinical trials of all phases and of any size and complexity.