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The ongoing search for the better early-stage clinical trial location: a case study on Australia and Georgia

International biotech and medtech companies are constantly searching for optimal locations for their early stage and proof-of-concept clinical trials. An example of a location that has become increasingly popular is Australia. This is in large part due to the great … Continue reading

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Engage with your patients and win greater patient engagement

Part of what makes clinical trials efficient and successful are the smart decisions that are made about protocol design, site selection, staff training, technologies used, information provided and so on. Patients’ motivation for enrolment and perception of clinical trials play … Continue reading

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Referring physicians: the overlooked resource for faster patient enrolment

It is widely known and understood that the no. 1 cause of delays in clinical trials is inefficient patient enrolment. The problem has become widespread and does not show any signs of abating. According to a TUFTS analysis, 48% of … Continue reading

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Why do rare disease clinical trials face greater challenges and what are some solutions?

Over 6,800 rare diseases such as Haemophilia, Tay Sach’s disease and Gaucher disease are affecting more than 25 million Americans. Still yet, there is limited understanding or knowledge of these debilitating, life threatening and progressive diseases. The Orphan Drug Act … Continue reading

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Could Twitter Be a Recruitment Tool for Cancer Trials?

According to Penn Medicine Researchers study’s, Twitter has the potential to promote patient recruitment into oncology clinical trials and increase the interest of patients [1]. Enrollment into clinical studies is crucial for the development of new treatment options for patients. … Continue reading

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Boosting patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials – fresh approaches?

We hear much about ‘patient centricity’ and ‘empowering patients’ in clinical trials and research as well as everyday clinical practice.  This can be defined loosely as the process of designing a service or solution (e.g. a clinical trial) around the … Continue reading

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Patient recruitment: is social media the cure for this headache?

For decades, we have accepted that patient enrollment is the source of delays with cost implications that can make a trial fail. 10 years ago, social media may have seemed too unknown for clinical trial specialists to involve in recruitment. … Continue reading

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