Site Selection

The criteria for choosing our sites are various and stringent.  We ensure general suitability of the site and site staff – facilities, equipment, GCP expertise, motivation and availability to be involved in research, ability to understand and apply protocol procedures and produce accurate clean data.  We also ensure the necessary trial-specific suitability such as expertise in the therapeutic area and in conducting required procedures or assessments, access to specific equipment and lab tests and, of course, plentiful numbers of patients with the indication in question.

Importantly, we check that interest and motivation to be involved is matched with ability to actually deliver eligible subjects by diligently examining records and databases.

We locate enthusiastic investigators who have the capability to carry out your trial, providing you access to the patient population you need.  Moreover, patients in our area are usually very happy to participate in clinical trials and research studies, facilitating effective recruitment and retention of a significant number of the subjects who are eligible – a patient feature many other European and USA sites are unable to claim.

You can be sure that all our sites, conducting trials to the highest standards of GCP, have a large patient recruiting capacity and a proven track record of efficient timely recruitment of qualified patients.

Please also see our information on Patient Enrolment to appreciate the full benefits of our selected sites and the way we work with them to ensure their excellence.