About us

Clinical Accelerator operates as an academically linked clinical CRO and a patient enrolment organization. We also manage a network of investigators and patient referring physicians who are our valuable partners in implementing clinical studies. We place our studies in Central and Eastern Europe, the region with many well documented advantages for clinical trials.

Clinical Accelerator works mostly with small to mid-size sponsors of clinical trials – biotech and biopharma companies just entering the clinic or progressing through phases I and II of the clinical development of their innovative products. We also participate as a regional partner in Phase III and IV clinical trials.

In the medical device field, which is the main focus of our operation, we conduct all types of clinical investigations for international medtech companies, including first-in-human, early human feasibility studies, pivotal and post-marketing trials.

Clinical Accelerator is active in all main therapeutic areas with a special focus on the cardiovascular field. Other important indications include neurovascular, interventional pulmonology, orthopedic, dermatology and women’s health. We closely collaborate with many distinguished international KOLs in these therapeutic areas.

As a clinical CRO, Clinical Accelerator offers a full range of clinical trial services from protocol development and regulatory affairs through clinical conduct to data management, biostatistics and study reporting.

As a patient enrolment organization, our strongest focus is on fast and efficient patient enrolment into our projects. Working closely with our network of investigators, we have developed an enhanced model of patient enrolment which allows us to accelerate clinical trials of any complexity and routinely rescue delayed and stalled studies.

Beyond accelerating the implementation of clinical trials, our other strong focus is on being able to deliver them on economical budgets. We achieve our objectives thanks to economical advantages available in our region of operation, our low operational overheads, and by reducing a lot of waste so often associated with unoptimized clinical trials. Fast and efficient patient enrolment with the minimal number of investigative sites, fast start-up, controlling the study timelines and the volume of management help us to achieve very significant cost savings for our clients.