Feasibility Studies

We cover every relevant aspect to make sure that the planned project can be undertaken and deliverable on time. Be it as an early concept with just an outline draft protocol (the most ideal stage) or later in the near-final or final stages, our feasibility experts review and discuss your concept or protocol internally and with potential chief investigators and recommend countries, sites and timelines based on the data.

Clinical Accelerator’s proven success in enrolment drives from determined investment of time and resource into each clinical trial feasibility assessment. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and predictability. Because of this, Clinical Accelerator consistently delivers patient enrolment on-time in an industry where the majority of trials fall behind schedule due to poor patient enrolment. Accurate clinical trial feasibility requires dedicated and determined investment of time and resource as well as a thorough knowledge of investigators and sites.

To guarantee accuracy, Clinical Accelerator has access to dedicated and experienced physicians from various therapeutic areas, laboratory and imaging specialists, regulatory advisors, and logistic experts. Every project that CA undertakes is given a thorough assessment by all ‘stakeholders’ in order to determine study feasibility for these different facets of a clinical trial (i.e. Medical, Clinical, Regulatory and Logistical)

Please contact Clinical Accelerator to understand how our clinical trial feasibility services could help you to achieve your study goals.