BetaGlue announces the treatment of the first patient with BAT-90, taking radiotherapy inside solid tumours

Below, we are re-publishing with permission the press-release issued by BetaGlue Technologies on July 11, 2022

BetaGlue Technologies, a highly innovative company working in the Life Sciences sector, is glad to announce that the first patient has been treated in a clinical trial with BAT-90, the company’s cancer radiotherapy platform. The first clinical results have shown that BAT-90 makes it possible to treat only the area where the tumour is located, while avoiding the surrounding tissues, so as to combine treatment efficacy and patient safety.
The clinical trial in liver cancer patient has been coordinated by Professor Malkhaz Mizandari at the New Hospitals in Tbilisi (Georgia), an international centre of excellence affiliated with Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia (USA).
BAT-90 (‘Beta Ablation Therapy with Yttrium-90’) consists of a β radiation-emitting biocompatible matrix, delivered to patients via percutaneous injection: the Yttrium-90-labelled microspheres present inside the matrix are injected into the tumour and, as the carrier takes only 120 seconds to reach full polymerisation, they are retained exclusively in the injected area. This prevents the microspheres from spreading to surrounding tissues or organs, so as to release their radiation energy only to the target tumour. In this way, a very low radioactive dose is needed, much lower than the one used with conventional radio-metabolic treatments, thus enhancing treatment efficacy and patient safety.
BAT-90 opens up important horizons in oncology, bringing benefits to both patients and the healthcare systems. Indeed, BAT-90 is a therapeutic nuclear medicine solution that is extremely precise (it only targets the tumour area), personalised (calibrated to the patient’s clinical situation), rapid (a single injection reaching full polymerisation in just a few minutes) and safe (the radiation energy is released where needed, avoiding exposure of surrounding tissues and organs, thus minimizing any risk to either patients or healthcare professionals).

BetaGlue Technologies SpA
BetaGlue Technologies is a highly innovative company working in the Life Sciences sector.  The Company has developed BAT-90, an advanced radiotherapy platform targeting inoperable solid tumors and/or surgical resection margins. BetaGlue is also patenting a medical device that enables safe biopsies in oncology, preventing even severe complications after lung or liver procedures. BetaGlue enjoys the support of a highly qualified Scientific Advisory Board, as well as of leading national and international advisers, in the development of its solutions.
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