Clinical Accelerator announces collaboration with Deerfield Catalyst, a medtech incubator committed to developing transformational solutions to improve patient outcomes and streamline care

Clinical Accelerator, a full-service, medical device focused contract research organization, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Deerfield Catalyst. The company combines the resources of two established health pioneers: Coridea, a New-York based, premier Medical Device Incubator; and Deerfield, an investment management firm focused on healthcare. The plan is to launch 10 companies over the next five years developing innovative medical devices.

Clinical Accelerator is excited to be joining this collaboration, offering our extensive expertise in management of medical device investigations with a special focus on early human feasibility studies. Our ability to accelerate the timelines of clinical studies and reduce the capital required, allows R&D programs to advance faster, bringing novel medical devices to patients earlier.

The first collaborative project with Deerfield Catalyst will be a pilot study for a novel device treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and we look forward to many more studies in the future.

About Deerfield  

Deerfield Device Design and Development Catalyst (Deerfield Catalyst) is a medtech incubator that aims to support and advance transformational innovation into commercial products and successful enterprises. A collaboration between Deerfield and the Coridea team, Deerfield Catalyst is focused on developing medtech solutions that improve outcomes and streamline patient care. The incubator plans to launch 10 companies over the next five years. 

About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is an independent clinical trial management organisation operating principally in Central and Eastern Europe. The organisation offers a broad range of clinical trial services together with dedicated patient enrolment support to worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industries. Clinical Accelerator’s model of operation is designed to achieve significant cost savings for its clients and to guarantee compact timelines for patient enrolment with a firm focus on the quality of clinical trial data.

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