Clinical Accelerator announces collaboration with Verve Medical to conduct an early human feasibility study for treatment-resistant hypertension

Clinical Accelerator, a full-service contract research organization, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with Verve Medical, to conduct an early human feasibility study of their novel medical device for patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.

World-wide, there are over a billion patients who suffer from hypertension and it is directly responsible for millions of deaths annually. Many patients with hypertension are either inadequately identified or treated and medications can be expensive and have side effects. Verve Medical is focused on proving an effective peri-pelvic renal denervation approach to hypertension which, unlike the peri-arterial approach, avoids the possibility of arterial restenosis and does not require anticoagulation or antiplatelet agents. This device has the ability to achieve an immediate blood pressure drop in patients that is comparable to open sympathectomy.

Clinical Accelerator is very excited to partner in this project and will be working closely with Verve Medical, running their early human feasibility study in our region of operation. We look forward to developing this product and achieving positive data on this potentially life-changing device.

About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is a boutique academically oriented clinical CRO focused on the needs of emerging medtech companies. The organization was founded by a heart failure cardiologist and performs many clinical investigations of cardiovascular medical devices, with a special focus on heart failure. Studies are mostly implemented in Central and Eastern Europe, a region with well-known advantages for clinical trials such as – fast start-up timelines and good access to patients. Clinical Accelerator aims to accelerate clinical development programs of international medical technology companies through early entry into the clinic and fast and efficient implementation of both feasibility and pivotal clinical investigations.

About Verve Medical

Verve Medical is an early-stage medical device company, based in the United States and focused on developing novel non-vascular renal denervation devices for treatment-resistant hypertension.

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