Congress CSI Focus D-HF, Frankfurt, Germany, December 10-11th 2021

Clinical Accelerator Ltd. booth at CSI Focus D-HF with – Managing Director Dr Nikolay Nikitin M.D Ph.D, Business Development Manager Anna Nikitina LL.B., and colleagues at VisCardia Inc. – CEO Dr Peter Bauer Ph.D, Dr Lee Goldberg, M.D., MPH, Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Clinical Accelerator is proud to have sponsored the CSI Focus D-HF (Device therapies in heart failure) conference this year in Frankfurt, Germany.

Organized by Dr Horst Sievert, the two-day conference was one of the first to be in person in this Covid era. It saw the coming together of the community of leading medical device companies and academics within the heart failure field. Recent advancements in device-based therapy in this indication were presented, including new interatrial shunts, neuromodulation devices, transcatheter valve repair and replacement interventions, electric stimulation therapies, PVADs, monitoring systems and many other novel technologies. It was great to see many Clinical Accelerator-run studies presented over the course of the conference and to network and listen to interesting panel discussions on the place of emerging medical device therapies in the current management of patients with heart failure.

We greatly look forward to the next in person D-HF conference!

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