Clinical Accelerator announces collaboration with InterVene for developing an endovascular device for deep vein valve failure

Clinical Accelerator announces collaboration with InterVene for developing an endovascular device for deep vein valve failure

Clinical Accelerator is pleased to announce that is has begun a collaboration with InterVene, to run an early human feasibility study (EHFS) on their novel endovascular device – BlueLeaf Endovenous Valve Formation System – for deep vein valve failure.

Currently, there is no minimally invasive therapy to treat deep vein valve failure and many patients require open surgery. InterVene’s system directly addresses this issue by being the first ever non-implantable, endovenous product which can be used to form new vein valves from layers of tissues that derive from the patient’s vein wall. The system allows for several valves to be formed after only one procedure, thus greatly reducing the burden and medical risk that patients otherwise face.  

The team at Clinical Accelerator are all delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this exciting project. We greatly look forward to advancing this device and attaining quality data.

About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is a boutique academically oriented clinical CRO focused on the needs of emerging MedTech companies. The organization has a strong emphasis on cardiovascular indications and performs clinical investigations of novel cardiac devices. Studies are mostly implemented in Central and Eastern Europe, a region with well-known advantages for clinical trials such as – fast start-up timelines and good access to patients. Clinical Accelerator aims to accelerate clinical development programs of international medical technology companies through early entry into the clinic and fast and efficient implementation of both feasibility and pivotal clinical investigations.

About InterVene

InterVene is a medical device start-up company based in San Francisco, USA, focused on improving treatment for deep vein valve failure. InterVene is a product of the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program and is a former Company-In-Residence at the Fogarty Institute for Innovation. For more information, please see their website:

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