Clinical Accelerator announces collaboration with LARRK Bio Inc

Clinical Accelerator is excited to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with LARRK Bio Inc, a US based biotech start-up company focusing on skin health and dermatology. The company is currently in “stealth mode”. LARRK Bio is led by Frederic Godderis, an experienced Pharma/Biotech executive and entrepreneur.

Clinical Accelerator has been conducting studies in the field of dermatology for over 10 years and has accumulated experience in many dermatologic indications, including: psoriasis; atopic dermatitis; skin cancer; burns and wounds. Our studies are placed in Central and Eastern Europe where we have extensive knowledge of specialist dermatology sites. Features of our sites include good access to patients and fast speed of patient enrolment. Members of our network of dermatologist are able to pre-screen and identify patients with all major dermatology conditions and refer them for enrolment into clinical trials at the selected specialist dermatology sites.

As a clinical CRO, Clinical Accelerator offers a full range of clinical trial services from protocol development and regulatory affairs through clinical conduct to data management, biostatistics and study reporting. As a patient enrolment organization, our strongest focus is on fast and efficient patient enrolment into our projects. Working closely with our network of investigators, we have developed an enhanced model of patient enrolment which allows us to accelerate clinical trials of any complexity and routinely rescue delayed and stalled studies.

We are looking forward to a productive collaboration with LARRK Bio and the successful completion of the trials under this agreement.


About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is a boutique clinical CRO, working predominantly with emerging Biotech and MedTech companies. The company has been running clinical studies in all main therapeutic areas, including dermatology, for over 14 years. Clinical Accelerator implements clinical studies in Central and Eastern Europe in a close collaboration with a fast-growing network of investigators who provide access to large patient populations in all main therapeutic areas.  The company is intent on fast and efficient patient enrolment even into most difficult clinical studies. Clinical Accelerator often participates in projects with patient enrolment challenges and routinely rescues delayed and stalled clinical trials.

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