Clinical Accelerator forms ClinAccel.Net


Clinical Accelerator forms ClinAccel.Net, a dedicated division focusing on expanding a network of partnering clinical research sites, and fast and efficient patient enrolment into clinical studies

Douglas, February 28, 2017 – Clinical Accelerator, a clinical contract research organization with operations in Central and Eastern Europe announced today the separation of its operations into two divisions. The clinical operations division will continue functioning as Clinical Accelerator, while a new dedicated division operating under the name ClinAccel.Net will be devoted to expanding a regional network of high enrolling investigators and supporting sites, and to designing and implementing proactive, regionally validated strategies of patient enrolment and retention.

Dr Nikolai Nikitin, CEO of Clinical Accelerator, stated, “Through this evolution, we will enable a deeper focus on the hugely important tasks of identifying and enrolling patients into clinical studies. The environment for patient enrolment is becoming ever more competitive throughout the world. It also affects the so-called emerging regions, such as Central and Eastern Europe where competition for patients and investigators has significantly intensified in the recent years.

Patient enrolment and retention support is now an important and well established service in the clinical trial industry and is offered by many international organizations. However, practical strategies often originate in locations with the highest competition for patients, such as the United States, and these strategies are not necessarily as effective in other parts of the world. We have been involved in patient enrolment and retention activities in Central and Eastern Europe for years and have developed and improved our customized, regionally validated models which work in our countries of operation. Through ClinAccel.Net, we plan to continue and further expand these services which we offer to international pharmaceutical and biotech companies, contract research organizations, and to regional clinical research sites.”

About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is an independent clinical trial management organization operating principally in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries. The organization offers a broad range of clinical trial services together with dedicated patient enrolment support to worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical and medical device industries. Clinical Accelerator’s model of operation is designed to achieve significant cost savings for its clients and to guarantee compact timelines for patient enrolment, with a firm focus on the quality of clinical trial data.

About ClinAccel.Net

CliniAccel.Net is a network of investigative and supporting clinical trial sites and a patient enrolment organization with a special focus on the region of Central and Eastern Europe. ClinAccel.Net helps pharmaceutical, biotech and medical technology companies as well as CROs to accelerate implementation of clinical trials through shorter start-up times and through faster patient enrolment. ClinAccel.Net improves efficiency and patient enrolling capacity of clinical research sites by optimizing their systems and procedures, and by employing a dedicated staff of patient enrolment managers who design and implement effective region-specific patient enrolment and retention strategies.

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