We are celebrating an important milestone: – our tenth year of operation!

10yearsWe at Clinical Accelerator are happy to announce the celebration of 10 years successful provision of clinical research services to the biopharma, biotech and medtech industries.

Since our inception back in 2006 as a small provider of clinical trial management services in UK and several then emerging Eastern European countries, we have grown to be the larger organisation we are today. We now have many more established regions of operation and are present in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe (listed alphabetically these are: Armenia; Belarus; Estonia; Georgia; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Poland; Romania; Russian Federation; Serbia and Ukraine). We also have expanded our valued links with many more highly trained and experienced investigators to whom we are much indebted.

Let us also not forget the support and involvement of all the patients recruited at sites by these investigators, often facilitated by our own in-house patient enrolment support system.  We try to make our patients feel a valued part of the whole process rather than proverbial ‘guinea-pigs’ and their willingness to participate and adhere to sometimes quite challenging protocols (often travelling some distance to trial centres for assessment) always impresses us.

Our success is due, in no small measure, to our workforce. We are lucky to have such a dedicated team of clinical research professionals who have medical knowledge and practical experience in many regulatory and therapeutic areas and who work tirelessly to ensure timely delivery of all tasks contracted to us by our clients.  We find that the flat organisational hierarchy enjoyed by our qualified and competent team facilitates a good level of communication, flexibility, adaptability as well as a ‘can-do’ approach, which, we believe, is appreciated both by our team and our clients.

We are, of course, also most grateful and indebted to all our clients and collaborators over the last 10 years who have trusted us with their important projects. Being a part of the process in the development of your products has been most gratifying. The demands, challenges and feedback have encouraged us to evolve and develop new skills to meet varying and exacting needs.

A big ‘thank you’ to all our clients and collaborators for your support and kind words over this last decade.  We look forward to the next 10 years and beyond working with you and welcoming new clients and collaborators into the fold.

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