ValiSeek and Clinical Accelerator establish a clinical research collaboration


Below, we are re-publishing with permission the press-release issued by ValiRx on the 16th of July 2015

ValiRx Plc

(“ValiRx” or the “Company”) 

ValiSeek Clinical Development Update

Further to the announcement of 14 May 2015, ValiRx Plc (AIM: VAL) is pleased to announce that it has initiated the process for a late stage (Phase 2b) clinical trial of its lung cancer drug, VAL401, at ValiSeek Limited (“ValiSeek”), its joint venture with Tangent Reprofiling Limited, formed to progress the compound towards Clinical Efficacy trials.

A clinical trial contract has been established between ValiSeek and Clinical Accelerator, a UK-based clinical trial management organisation, to manage and execute the Phase 2b Clinical Trial in patients with non-small-cell lung adenocarcinoma.

The parameters to be assessed during the trial will include (i) effectiveness of the treatment (as observed by measurements of disease progression, quality of life and survival); (ii) pharmacokinetics of VAL401 and (iii) safety and tolerability of the VAL401 treatment in the patient population.

Dr Suzanne Dilly, CEO of ValiSeek Limited, commented: “We look forward to benefiting from this collaboration with the specialist team at Clinical Accelerator, both in terms of seeking to fast-track VAL401 into the patient population and accelerating the clinical process. I look forward to providing updates on the clinical start-up phase throughout the remainder of 2015.”

Dr Satu Vainikka, CEO of ValiRx plc, added: “As the second ValiRx product to enter the clinical trial process, I look forward to seeing the potential of the VAL401 project being crystallised through the collection of a first set of real world patient data.”

For more information, please contact:

Notes for Editors

About Clinical Accelerator

Clinical Accelerator is an independent clinical trial management organisation operating principally in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries.  The organisation offers a broad range of clinical trial services together with dedicated patient enrolment support to worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical and medical device industries. Clinical Accelerator’s model of operation is designed to achieve significant cost savings for its clients and to guarantee compact timelines for patient enrolment with a firm focus on the quality of clinical trial data.

About ValiSeek

ValiSeek Limited (“ValiSeek”) is a joint venture (“JV”) company between ValiRx Plc and Tangent Reprofiling Limited, part of the SEEK Group. ValiSeek was formed to progress the drug VAL401 through its remaining preclinical development and towards Phase II trials for the treatment of lung cancer and other oncology indications

About SEEK

Founded in 2004, SEEK (previously known as PepTcell) is privately-owned and funded, with headquarters in London, UK. SEEK brings safe and low costs medicines to the patients as quickly as possible. It does this by modifying existing medicines to improve their efficacy within current label, dose and regime, by changing the indication but keeping the dose and dosing regime the same or by creating a new medicine when the previous options are unavailable.

Additional information about SEEK is available on the Company’s website located at

ValiRx Plc

ValiRx Plc is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel technologies and products in oncology therapeutics and diagnostics. The product focus is in the epigenomic analysis and treatment of cancer, but the technologies can be applied to other fields as well, such as neurology and inflammatory diseases.

The Company has undertaken to develop a novel and groundbreaking class of therapeutics across a number of fields in oncology and has taken its lead compound, Val201, into Phase I/II clinical trials. The Company listed on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) of the London Stock Exchange in October 2006.

The Company has a pipeline of other therapeutic drugs, which are currently progressing towards clinical trials. The product focus is in the targeted analysis and treatment of cancer, but the technologies can be applied to other fields as well, such as neurology and inflammatory diseases.

It actively manages projects within its portfolio as a trading company. The ValiRx business model spreads the risks of life science technology development by minimising financial exposure and running a set of projects to defined commercial endpoints. This maximises returns to shareholders by adding value at the earlier stages where value increases per investment unit are the greatest.

The Company operates through the following divisional companies:

  1. ValiPharma is the therapeutics division, with two embedded technologies primarily directed at the treatment of cancers.
  1. ValiFinn is the biomarkers and diagnostic development division. ValiRx acquired through its ValiFinn subsidiary, the complimentary TRAC technology later in the year to strengthen the portfolio.
  1. ValiSeek is a joint venture between ValiRx and Tangent Ltd to develop Val401 in lung cancer and potentially other indications.
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