Welcome to Clinical Accelerator’s blog

Cher Thornhill

Welcome to Clinical Accelerator’s blog – a forum for you to explore current views on how to run clinical trials smarter, faster, more efficiently and with less expense, and share your concerns.

I am Cher Thornhill – the Editor of Clinical Accelerator’s blog. This is an exciting time for Clinical Accelerator as we launch our new website, logo and our one and only blog.


In this stream, I will report on and discuss the challenges shared by all clinical research organisations and investigative sites in the process of taking pharmaceutical and medical device concepts to market. Patient recruitment and associated delays can be the source of many troubles, costs, trial failures and sleepless nights before we even start, as most of you well know.

We will keep an eye and report on the latest clinical trial dilemmas and fixes as they emerge. The aim is to develop a community in which you will use the blog as a place to learn from the experiences of other clinical research professionals and investigators, propose topics you would like information on, and submit your own post(s) for others to absorb – which could be a tip to make the clinical trial process more smooth, fast and less costly, or a moan about the latest problem that is proving difficult to solve.

The Clinical Conversation

Alongside Clinical Accelerator’s team members Vlada Iegorova and President Dr Nikolai Nikitin, I will update you and begin the conversation designed to answer your questions.

At the moment, I envision that I’m writing for a community of people and professionals interested in the smart delivery of clinical trials. In response to this idea and all topics discussed, please feel free to leave your comments on our blog site or write to info@clinicalaccelerator.com to let me know your thoughts and submit your own posts to the conversation.

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